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The Afghan English language newspaper Daily Outlook Afghanistan in its regular issue published an article "Uzbekistan presented II national report on the Millennium Development Goals".

The material introduces the achievements of our country in the implementation of the social targets set at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000.

As newspaper writes, the report is a joint initiative of the Government of Uzbekistan and United Nations agencies in the country and aims to carry out an objective analysis and evaluation of the country's progress in achieving the MDGs in the period 2000-2013.
Afghan newspaper stresses that the document identified the key factors for the implementation of the MDGs, as well as the challenges and formulated tasks facing the country for the coming prospect.

Finally, it emphasizes that the report contains many useful tables and charts, which take into account all aspects required for achieving the MDGs, successfully adapted to the national context to the management based on local conditions.


Presentation of the agriculture and food potential of Uzbekistan at the international exhibition Expo Milano 2015 caused a lively interest in the German media, which published a series of articles on the subject.

For example, in the material posted on the information portal Usbekistan-online, it noted that Uzbekistan was presented at the international exhibition in Milan for the first time.

"Pavilion area of ​​500 sq.m. divided into 4 sectors - "Economics", "Agriculture", "Food Industry" and "Culture and national dishes". Here visitors can see not only great potential for sustainable development of the agricultural sector of the economy of the east of the country, but also its unique historical and cultural heritage, ancient traditions and, of course, varied cuisine", - the publication stressed.

Informing its readers about the favorable climatic conditions of Uzbekistan for the development of agriculture, Fair News portal stresses that this is a good opportunity for the cultivation of basic types of high quality fruits and vegetables in a large range, and creates a solid foundation for a stable, year-round supply of various kinds of fresh agricultural cultures. Other online edition of the Berliner-Blatt said that in Uzbekistan grown fruits and vegetables are far superior to similar products from other regions on the characteristics such as maintenance of the natural sugars, amino acids and organic acids, which are important for the health of trace elements and other biologically valuable substances essential to diet.

Highlighting the exclusive properties and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan, it is stated that the country annually produces 16 million tons of fruits and vegetables. "By 2020, the republic intends to increase the production of agricultural products, grapes and melons are not less than 2.3 times", - the publication says.

Berlin Regional Rundschau newspaper informs its readers about the opening in 2014 in Uzbekistan Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) during the visit of the Director General of the organization, José Graziano da Silva to Uzbekistan.

It is noted that this is the evidence of the growing international attention to the agricultural potential of the country.

"Expo Milano 2015" is a good platform for the promotion of export and investment opportunities of Uzbekistan in the field of agriculture", - edition sums up. 


Scientific and practical conference "Science, education and culture in continuing education: problems and solutions for the implementation of the State program "Year of attention and care for the senior generation" was held in Tashkent branch of the Moscow State Lomonosov University.

The participants were teachers and specialists of higher and specialized secondary and vocational education, research institutions, as well as senior researchers-applicants and students. At the plenary session demonstrated presentations of Hero of Uzbekistan, a member of the Senate H.Kamilov, a member of the Academy of Sciences S.Gulyamov, deputy head of the branch of the Moscow State University A.Mamanazarov.

Within the two-day forum participants reviewed the socio-economic and legal aspects of support for senior citizens, current problems of gerontology and psychology of the "golden age", the latest developments of the method "teacher-student" in continuing education, as well as other issues of scope of training. Authors of the most brilliant performances were awarded certificates and diplomas. Also at the conference was an interactive workshop "Innovation in Education", which discussed now facing mentors challenges and opportunities of coaching - the increasingly popular technology disclosure of personal potential for its personal and professional growth. 

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Tashkent hosted round table on how to reach out officials and public about new laws

Tashkent hosted round table on how to reach out officials and public about new laws, Uzbekistan’s and international best practices discussed

Protection of childrens interests and rights is a priority task

The Uzbekistan Trade Unions Federation jointly with the concerned ministries and agencies, under support from the International Labor Organization (ILO) at the republican and regional levels, a series of round table meetings were held dedicated to the International Day of Fighting against the Use of Child Labor.

The International Labour Organization supports our Republic: a memorandum of understanding signed

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent hosted the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the International Labour Organization (ILO), with annexed program on decent work in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2014-2016.

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