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On the preparation and celebration of the national holiday of Navruz in 2015

Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

For millennia embodied the unique values ​​of our people and reached us as a precious heritage of our ancestors, ancient festival of Navruz in the years of independence gains deeper meaning and content, gets an important place in our lives. It has become a tradition to thoroughly and carefully prepare and well everywhere celebrate Navruz, which is a symbol of our nation awakening of nature, the beginning of the new year on the eastern calendar, a truly national and favorite holiday.

Given the increasing role and importance of this holiday in our spiritual life, strengthening of harmony between man and nature, the social approval of atmosphere of humanity, kindness and mercy, respect and attention to the older generation, caring for younger, good-neighborliness and tolerance, education of the younger generation in the spirit of national and human values ​​and the purpose of the festival of Navruz at a high level:

1. To approve the organizing committee on preparation and celebration of the national holiday of Navruz in 2015, according to the application.

Organizing Committee to develop and implement a plan of organizational and practical, cultural and educational activities for the celebration of Navruz in our capital - the city of Tashkent, the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regional centers, in all cities, districts and villages as a national Sayil.

2. To pay special attention to:

- The organization of spiritual and educational activities to promote awareness of the truth, that in the days of Navruz people more fully feel its inextricable link with nature, mother earth, appreciates her generous gifts, live with a sense of gratitude for the peaceful sky above us;

- Coverage during field activities in the media history of Navruz, the nature and value of the related good traditions, customs and values;

- Assistance and support to those who need them, showing respect and care about the people of the older generation, to foster a spirit of friendship and harmony inherent in the philosophy of Navruz - the favorite holiday of all our fellow citizens, regardless of their nationality, language and religion;

- Conducting in the days of Navruz, which is a symbol of the new season beginning in agriculture, update, abundance and prosperity, in the mahallas, towns and villages khashars, extensive work on landscaping and gardening;

- Involvement in the preparation of holiday programs in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional centers and Tashkent city folk, family ensembles, amateur groups, folk storytellers - Bakhshi, as well as professional artists and talented entertainers on a competitive basis;

- Inclusion in the public art programs outstanding examples of folk art, folk games, ancient customs, songs and melodies in praise of great human qualities.

3. To establish that the festive events funded by:

in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions - at the expense of local budgets, as well as means of Sponsoring Organizations;

in Tashkent - at the expense of the republican budget and local budgets of the city of Tashkent in equal shares.

4. To recommend National Information Agency of Uzbekistan, the National Broadcasting Company of Uzbekistan, Information Agency "Jahon" and other media to publicize a course of preparation and celebration of the national holiday of Navruz.

5. The enforcement of this decision to assign to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoyev.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov
Tashkent, 25 February 2015

Luigi Iperti: "Election of the President of the Republic - definition of the future of the country"

On the eve of the presidential elections in our country, President of the Joint Chamber of Trade "Italy-Uzbekistan" Luigi Iperti gave an interview to news agency "Jahon", shared his views on this important political event in the life of the state.

- I am honored to be invited to Uzbekistan as an international observer from Italy in the presidential election to be held on March 29 this year - he said. - Election of the State is a very important moment in the political life, which determines the future development of the country. In this regard, I note that I will be glad to contribute to this important process.

For many years, we cooperate with Uzbekistan in the sphere of economy and investment. By the nature of my activity I often come to your country and witness the ongoing progress in the economic and democratic reforms.

While in many countries continued impact of the economic crisis in Uzbekistan can be observed the growth of the economy, which is a very important indicator. In this regard, I am particularly pleased about our cooperation.

As president of the Chamber of Trade "Italy - Uzbekistan", I should note that the Italian side, together with the Uzbek partners to develop cooperation programs, which is currently being successfully implemented in the industrial sector and in agriculture. Therefore, sharing experiences and successfully interacting, we contribute to the strengthening of the economic potential of our countries.

In conclusion, sincerely wish the Uzbek people of the successful presidential elections, as well as all the best and prosperity. 

Teri Hakala: "Uzbekistan - an important partner of Finland"

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan held the sixth round of the Uzbek-Finnish political consultations. Following the meeting, Head of MFA Delegation of the Republic of Finland, Director General of the Department for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Teri Hakala gave an interview to the news agency "Jahon".

- Today we discussed a wide range of issues in bilateral relations, - she said. - Our countries have a positive experience of cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

Uzbekistan is an important partner of Finland in Central Asia, and we are interested in the further development of constructive partnership - both in bilateral and multilateral formats. In this regard, it should be noted the presence of an impressive capacity for expansion and diversification of mutually beneficial cooperation, including in trade and economic sphere.

On February 26 it will be fulfilled 23 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries. In this context, political consultations can be called a very symbolic and timely, since we had the opportunity to discuss the achievements and successes of cooperation, consider promising areas to further deepen cooperation in various fields.

In conclusion, I wish to Uzbekistan, which is on the verge of a very important political event - the election of the President, confident moving forward on the path of progress and renewal. 

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Rocco Abram: "Presidential elections in Uzbekistan integral factor of democratic legal state"

Currently, the pre-electoral process and the election campaign are increasingly attracting attention of the world community.

For example, Professor of Economics at University of Trieste (Italy), President of the Association "Uzbekistan-Italy" Rocco Abram gave on this occasion an exclusive interview to news agency "Jahon".

- The organization, which I supervise over 10 years, collaborating with Uzbekistan.

The presidential election - an essential factor of a democratic state with a strong civil society. Now began one of the most important stages of the election campaign - agitation. Equal conditions created for all candidates.

I am sure that the elections for the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be held at a high level and will also be well organized, as well as parliamentary, which were held in accordance with international standards.
It is encouraging that I could be twice the observer from Italy previously held elections in your country and go in many areas of the country.

I also want to mention the rich cultural and historical heritage, hospitable and friendly people, infrastructure development, implement democratic and economic reforms and more, especially attracts the attention of everyone who knows your extraordinary country.

That's why I want to talk more about Uzbekistan, "Uzbek model" of development of their colleagues from the Association and students at the university where I teach economics, the need for close co-operation and development of the Italian-Uzbek relations.

At the same time, I also want to note the conditions created for young people in your country. During the last parliamentary elections, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the young generation of Uzbekistan. I am glad that this is a very educated, energetic and knowledgeable young people, full of enthusiasm. 

"Business Week" on the candidates for the post of the President of Uzbekistan

On the pages of the Kazakh publication "Business Week" published an article devoted to the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It provides detailed information on the preparations for the elections, candidates for the highest post of the state and their electoral programs.

The newspaper notes that actual President Islam Karimov, nominated by the Liberal Democratic Party, in its election program relies on the elimination of remaining barriers to the development of private property and providing even greater freedom for entrepreneurship. This allows you to continue to diversify and further economic growth. "The president also expressed readiness to reduce state involvement in the economy to strategically justified sizes while maintaining its stabilizing share only natural monopolies", - notes publication.

Further, "Business Week" introduces readers to the other presidential candidates Uzbekistan. It is reported that the oldest political parties in Uzbekistan - People's Democratic Party (PDP) put forward their candidate 45-year-old Hatamjon Ketmonov, with education of a teacher of Russian language and literature, a native of Andijan region.

It is emphasized that in his campaign Hatamjon Ketmonov, can rely on members of the old party of the country, the number of which exceeds one million. It is noted that even if the recent parliamentary elections electoral potential PDP failed to appear, it does not mean that it can not be effectively involved, especially in the regions.

Kazakh edition describes the candidate of the Social Democratic Party "Adolat" Narimon Umarov as a great leader of the modern type. It emphasizes his deep knowledge in the economy, the ability to manage people. Attention is drawn to the fact that the parliamentary elections in December, "Adolat" demonstrated unusual for Uzbekistan approaches to campaigning and quite attractive slogans for different social groups.

One of the most popular and experienced candidates for the presidency, according to the newspaper, is the nominee of the party "Milli Tiklanish" Doctor of International and Comparative Law Akmal Saidov.

It stresses that Akmal Saidov highlights his rich and multifaceted track record. Since 1996 he is the director of the National Center for Human Rights of Uzbekistan, and previously served as the director of the Institute of Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. From 1994 to 1996 he was the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to France and Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to UNESCO. Participated in various United Nations conferences on human rights, the activities of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on the Human Dimension, conferences and forums held in the framework of the Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation between Uzbekistan and the European Union. Was awarded the Order "Mehnat shuhrati" and "Dustlik". One of the authors of the Constitution of Uzbekistan. In the parliamentary elections of 1999 and 2004, organized by the Centre to support independent candidates and ensure the participation of the center in election campaigns, along with political parties. 

Afghan experts: The people of Uzbekistan for stability and prosperity

The Embassy of our country in Kabul held a "round table" dedicated to the upcoming elections of the President of Uzbekistan.

It was attended by representatives of political, public and academic circles of Afghanistan, which provided detailed information on the preparations for the presidential elections.

The event participants familiarized with current Uzbekistan's Central Election Commission activities in the preparatory process, as well as to nominate four political parties, members of the parliament.

During the "round table" was also demonstrated a documentary about the "Uzbek model" of development and achievements of our country's independence.

Speakers Afghan experts emphasized the role and importance of free elections in the way of building a democratic state and strong civil society in Uzbekistan.

So, the head of administration of the first vice-president of Afghanistan F.Zaki stressed that the upcoming elections of the Head of the republic are the most important political event in the life of the people in determining the ongoing development of the state in the long term.

According to him, the created legal environment meets global standards of electoral practice, provide an opportunity for citizens to show completely free expression of their will.

In turn, members of the lower house of parliament Afghanistan N.Faek praised the practical results of the ongoing democratic reforms in Uzbekistan and reforms to protect the rights, freedoms and interests.

In his view, Uzbeks make a worthy choice for your future, progressive development in all spheres and quiet life in the country.

According to the vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan M.Afzali, during the years of independence Uzbekistan has managed to make a huge leap forward and create the necessary conditions for a dignified and happy life.

He stressed that there is no doubt that the voting will be held lawfully and fairly, in accordance with democratic principles and generally accepted norms of international law.

Special Representative of the President of Afghanistan on the development of political relations with the countries of the region Sh.Korgar emphasized that sustainable economic growth, achieving energy and food self-sufficiency, gradual liberalization of various spheres of social and political life show correctness of the chosen path of building Uzbekistan's own sovereign democratic state and civil society.

According to him, the republic gained a lot of experience in the electoral field and improved legal mechanisms to ensure democracy and transparency of the electoral process, will ensure the success of the upcoming presidential election. 

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